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Inaugural Inspiring Others Hall of Fame Unveiled

Keith “Wonder Boy” Brown

Internationally known motivational speaker Keith “Wonder Boy” Brown was enshrined into the inaugural Inspiring Others Hall of Fame unveiled during the White Christmas Ball on December 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta, GA – After a brief movie clip from “It’s A Wonderful Life” was shown to help set the inspiring focus of (back to life – back to reality – back to the future) for the White Christmas Ball this year, Dr. Prince Brown, vice president for University Advancement at Voorhees University, set the tone for the evening’s event.
It is not uncommon for people, through their walk in life, to inspire other people to improve their lot in life or to get the best that life has to offer.  But it is a rarity when one inspires others to inspire others to achieve greatness and enjoy the blessings that God has to offer.  When such individuals are SEEN, (and not imagined for what LIFE would be like had they not existed), it is noteworthy for them to be honored and recognized.  Such was the case on Saturday December 3, 2022, when A White

Ron Brown, founder, A White Christmas Ball

Christmas Ball honored persons who have helped shape the lives of persons with whom they have come in contact.  Among those honored was motivational speaker Keith “Wonder Boy” Brown, a motivational speaker who has appeared at the Apollo Theatre, and on television’s Family Feud.  The Savannah State University graduate is known for his copyrighted slogan, “I’m Possible,” was the inaugural inductee to be enshrined into the Inspiring Others to Inspire Others Hall of Fame.

This year’s A White Christmas Ball was held in Atlanta’s Fox theatre and is the 12th consecutive ball, founded by Ron Brown (no relation to Keith Brown). “More times than not, non-celebrities are overlooked for the work that they do and the contributions they make in life,” Brown said.  “And the White Christmas Ball is a platform for such people to be recognized, honored and thanked for the work they do,” he added. Other individuals honored and/or recognized during the ball were:

• Maurice Freeman, head football coach, Brooks County High School, Quitman, GA

• Letecia Harris, Principal at Hungerford Elementary School, Orlando, FL, was crowned Miss White Christmas Ball

Letecia Harris, Miss White Christmas Ball

• Asha Washington, Walmart associate, Valdosta, GA, was named Miss Back to the Future

• Michaela Green, owner, Green Screen Productions, Atlanta, GA was named Miss Inspiring Other People

As the White Christmas Ball, along with its honorees and inaugural hall of famer continue to get “Back to the Future and Beyond,” it is believed that society will more honestly and truly create a better reality for Inspiring Others while being extremely thankful for all the things life has to offer because – still: “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and through the Inspiring Others to Inspire Others Hall of Fame, life Matters.

Click here to se other photos of the White Christmas Ball.

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