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Fox Sports host Shannon Sharpe defended Deion Sanders against objections to his decision to leave an HBCU school to coach at the University of Colorado. – Shannon Sharpe Defends Deion Sanders’ Move From HBCU School After Black Community’s Frustration: ‘We Want Our Black Coaches To Get Opportunities’

Sanders left Jackson State on Saturday to become the new head coach of Colorado. On Sunday, Sanders was introduced to the media and addressed his new team for the first time. Sanders made news when he told players to look for other schools to transfer to because he would be bringing his own “luggage” with him.

On Monday’s Undisputed, Sharpe was proud and happy for his friend and Pro Football Hall of Fame teammate. Sharpe felt terrible for Jackson State because they lost a good coach and a big promoter of Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCUs).

“I’m more excited for him than I am sad for Jackson State,” Sharpe said. “And I think Jackson State should be excited, be happy for him because he gave you the blueprint and showed you what you could become. You’re more than a head coach.”

“Deion did something that very few coaches able to do,” Sharpe said. “He leveraged his relationships.

Sharpe explained that because of the number of relationships Sanders had, he was able to turn Jackson State into a premier college football program. Jackson State always had different uniforms to wear from Under Armor; Sanders donated money out of his pocket to help finish the construction of the facilities.

Sanders also had former NFL legend Michael Strahan design custom suits for the players on the team so that they could look professional.

Sharpe did not appreciate that Sanders faced criticism after he left Jackson State because he had a better opportunity to climb the coaching ranks of college football and coach a power-five conference school.

“We say, ‘we want our Black coaches to get opportunities’; he gets an opportunity, he takes the opportunity, and now you mad,” Sharpe added.

When co-host Skip Bayless asked Sharpe, “who’s mad?” Sharpe explained all the negative things he saw from the Black community who bashed Sanders for leaving an HBCU.

“A lot of Blacks, that upset, ‘he lied!’” Sharpe shouted. “You see how they hold us more accountable?”

“Wait, who’s they?” Bayless questioned.

“Skip, I’m talking about my community,” Sharpe continued. “I’m talking about us; they know who I’m talking about. Blacks are mad, but look at what he did. He brought eyes to HBCUs, Skip. Ain’t nobody talking about HBCU, especially now. They’re talking about it; they’re on television. That’s because of him!”

Watch above via Fox Sports 1.

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